Hello, everyone. I am Bahtiyar. I am a businessman, digital marketer, traveler, blogger, the founder of Bahtiyar Digital. I launched this blog to share my passion for reading and books. Among all the hobbies and passions I have, reading is my favorite one. Reading an interesting book is much more exciting than anything in this world. The pleasure of enriching your soul by acquiring new knowledge is incomparable with anything in this life. 

When I was a child, I was always asking my mom a lot of very serious and even scientific questions. Most of the time, my mom couldn't answer me with precise answers, and therefore, she decided to buy me a set of encyclopedias for kids. At my house, the living room had a set of hundreds of different books on a variety of dissimilar topics. Thus, my childhood was filled with books and knowledge. 

I don't know whether my passion for reading and book is innate or it is a quality that I have been developing throughout my life. I read approximately 5 big books a week. I decided to share my passion for reading with other book worms around the world. What is more, I am sure that my book reviews, podcasts, and interviews will support authors and publishing houses. I am sure that by cultivating reading around the world, I make a positive impact upon people, and youth specifically.

If you have any questions, propositions, suggestions, or you just want to get to know me, feel free to contact me through my email – [email protected] or the contact form below.