The Recruiting Snitch: Recruitingg Secrets to Help Land Your Dream Job by Alysse MetzlerHuman Resource department in any company around the world is a very secrete place. You never know what is in an HR specialist's head. Usually, they ask different questions to find out more about your personality. HR experts resemble a milder version of criminal investigators. In 'The Recruiting Snitch: Recruiting Secrets to Help  Land Your Dream Job' Alysse Metzler reveals all the hidden secrets and of HR specialists. 

There is no much information about Alysse Metzler on the Web, but I guess she is a professional recruiting expert. The book tells about recruiting expert's motivations, the ways they analyze and read people, and all the hidden motive beyond the questions they ask. The book has a lot of psychological insights and elements. The main goal of the author is to help you understand the minds of recruiting professionals, and thereby, help you get your dream job. You can expect that this book is a guide to communicating with HR professionals so that you can pass all the job interviews you go through.

I don't work for a company, neither do I have a boss above me. Therefore, I am indifferent to the topic of the book. I don't visit job interviews and I don't deal with recruiting professionals. Nevertheless, in my early youth, I used to go to job interviews, and I never passed them. I guess I am the type of person someone would like to have in their company because I am too independent competitive, too frank, can be conflictive when I don't like something. During those interviews, the HR staff was asking me different questions, and I never understood the motives beyond those questionnaires. That's why I decided to satisfy my interest and read this book. I enjoyed reading 'The Recruiting Snitch: Recruiting Secrets to Help Land Your Dream Job' by Alysse Metzler. I think that this wonderful book is more global than the author claims it to be. 'The Recruiting Snitch' is a book about psychology, reading people, analyzing their behavior, and relationships between people. I find this book very universal. The knowledge given in the book can be effectively applied in different spheres of our life: personal relationships, choosing business partners, selecting workers, and so on. 

First, I recommend this book to people who see their future working in a company. Not everyone can be a business person and run his independent business. Some people are more comfortable having a regular job. 'The Recruiting Snitch: Recruiting Secrets to Help Land Your Dream Job' by Alysse Metzler will provide these people with beneficial knowledge on HR psychology and how o represent themselves during job interviews. Second, this book is for everyone since it will give you a lot of insights into human behavior and communications. You will effectively use this knowledge in different fields of your life. 

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and an avid book lover.